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How can we add value to your rental properties?

Market Analysis of Rent

Our team uses multiple sources of market analysis to determine the rent amount to maximize your profits.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Background checks including criminal history, credit, and past eviction histories are run on every prospective tenant to make sure that we find the best possible candidate to lease your home.

Repairs addressed with trusted license contractors

Relationships with contractors are important. You can be assured that we will be hiring contractors that will make sure your repairs are done quickly and right. We secure discounts due to our relationships with these contractors.

Owners Web Portal

All our owners have their own secure login to our website that will give them information on their properties such as rent payment history, repair requests, repair completion and financial statements.

Direct Deposit into Owners Account on a Scheduled Basis

No more waiting for the check to come in the mail. Know when you are going to get your monthly income.

Complete year-end Financial Statements

Have the information you need to do your taxes provided to you along with copies of all support documents required.

Periodic Inspection of Houses

We fully inspect your home at least twice a year to ensure that your investment is being protected.

Tenant Web Portal

Each tenant will have their own secure login to our website that will allow them to pay rent online, request repairs and further communicate with our team.

elease option

Our leases can be signed through email. This is an accepted practice and makes the leasing process run much smoother.

And More!!!

As a full-service firm Ranida Property Management will manage your investment to be as profitable and carefree as possible.